Dr. Crawford’s Journey of Prostate Cancer Early Detection, Advanced Treatment and Castle Pines Golf Club

A Message of Gratitude from E. David Crawford, M.D.

We are very fortunate to be selected as the only charitable event for one of the most prestigious golf clubs in the world! What an honor that we can continue to pursue the vision that Jack Vickers set in motion for conquering prostate cancer back in 1986. I came to Denver that year as the Head of Urology at UC Health with an interest in prostate cancer and was referred to a Member of Castle Pines, William Alexander. He was newly diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer. While we initiated a successful treatment for William, we also talked about the failure of men to be screened for the disease. At that time, we were years behind breast cancer in early detection of prostate cancer.

Mr. Alexander invited me to a cocktail hour at his golf club to discuss prostate cancer and the importance of early detection. It caught the attention of Mr. Vickers who had experienced several friends and some family members who had died of the disease. He immediately recognized the challenge and said, “we are going to change the course of this disease.”

I had the privilege of caring for many of the Founders of Castle Pines over the years, and with their support and Mr. Vickers’, in 1989 we started Prostate Cancer Awareness week right here from Colorado and is still the largest screening event for any cancer in the world. Jack was so very proud of this accomplishment, and we will continue supporting this effort to honor him.

Over the years, the several million dollars from the Jack A. Vickers Prostate Cancer Golf Event has supported many initiatives that have been impactful. The funding from the tournament has been instrumental in the development of the following:

  • New diagnostic techniques which have become accepted globally
  • 3D models of the prostate
  • Optical needles which supplant biopsies
  • Prevention strategies
  • MRI algorithms
  • Male lumpectomy to treat only the cancer
  • Built one of the largest patient data banks in the country which serves as a repository for studies that result in new markers and techniques
  • Established a program with the WHO for personalized directed staging
  • Presented information on urinary microbiome as it relates to prostate cancer at international meetings
The Jack A. Vickers Prostate Cancer Fund is a multiplier for funding. An investment of $50,000 in our University of Colorado optical device resulted in a $35 million-funded study and an application for FDA approval. There are at least seven other high impact projects like this that have successfully taken similar paths.

The money raised at the Jack A. Vickers Prostate Cancer Golf Event at Castle Pines Golf Club has had meaningful impact on the successful early detection and treatment of this disease. Let’s keep the momentum going!

A heartfelt thank you for your consideration to either participate in the tournament, or simply make a donation to this cause.

Jack A. Vickers Prostate Cancer Golf Event